Clinical Informatics Analyst

EBI Medical Informatics Analyst

Nursing Informatics Analyst

Informatics Systems Analyst

MS Systems Analyst

Informatics Data Integration Analyst

​Client Informatics Specialist

Therapy Assistantsers

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Speech Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapy Assistant

Behavioral Therapy Assistants


Occupational Therapist

Speech Therapist

​Pediatric Speech Therapist

Physical Therapist

Behavioral Therapist


Medical Billing Specialist

Insurance Specialist

Medical Office Manager

MetaMatch Medical -- Our Medical Practice Division is dedicated to helping clients identify talent in the Administrative, Health Informatics and Therapeutic Spaces.  We understand the intricate details needed to identify the right talent to meet your needs.  

We have developed a proprietary process that has been proven in the field to yield you the right talent the first time around.  Our goal is to help you meet your internal and external goals, and on the therapeutic side, of the house, help identify therapists that are not just skilled, but also know the importance of meeting patients where they are to help them meet their healthcare goals.  

Commonly Requested Medical Roles

MetaMatch Medical

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Information Technology

Medical Database Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst

Software Engineer

C# Lead Software Engineer

Database Developer