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Tara Bradley, MS, CCC-SLP

Charlotte was an absolute joy to meet, have as an advocate and engage. Charlotte radiates warm, personable, palpable optimism.  She is a top-notch, classy professional.  She also speaks to the personal side of being a parent and a spouse to help encourage the balance of the real world when determining the appropriate needs of her client.  I would absolutely recommend Charlotte and MetaMatch to my peers and business associates.  For my future professional needs, I will always call on Charlotte.

From Talent

Loftlon Worth, CEO of Worth Development 

Charlotte is easy going through the whole process of placing people.  While other staffing companies may push hard to get whoever they have selected in place, she wants to make sure you have the right candidate for your business and needs. Charlotte knows the market and is very helpful in revising job descriptions to help you get what you are looking for.  My time is stretched and I appreciate that she doesn't blindly send me candidates, but thoughtfully explains why she is sending each candidate and what they bring that might strengthen my team.

Korinne Lassiter, ReaLand Title, LLC

We certainly gave Metamatch a very tall order when it came to finding an employee and they hit it out of the park.  We required an employee with multiple years of experience and expertise in his or her field.  We needed someone that was personable and able to deal with high pressure situations, while also being able to pay attention to the multiple regulations and small details that come with our line of work.  Charlotte and her team took the time to learn about our industry, so they could find us the perfect candidate. 

As an owner of a small business, I tried hiring employees on my own, with mixed success.  As any small business owner can tell you, finding a good employee is almost a full-time job in itself.  Charlotte and her team took the work off my plate, so I could focus on running my business.  In addition to the professionalism and personal touches Metamatch brings to the table, their fees are very reasonable. I plan to use Metamatch for all my hiring decisions in the future and would recommend them to any employer searching for employees!

MetaMatch Reviews

Bob Shaw, Concentric, Branding - Marketing - Innovation

The best thing about Charlotte is the level of personal service she provides in trying to get to know her customers and their businesses. Her greatest strength is this level of commitment. She is tenacious and resourceful at identifying candidates and fairly prices her services. Charlotte has a great, infectious, positive spirit. While not a requirement - it makes doing business more pleasant.

Kevin Mohler, American Autism & Rehabilitation Center

As an entrepreneur with five businesses, dozens of employees and thousands of subcontractors, I learned a long time ago that securing and retaining talented staff are what creates a successful company.  In all of my years in business, I have never seen anyone as skilled in talent acquisition as Charlotte of MetaMatch Professional Services.  Charlotte can quickly get to know your business, its core strengths and focus.  She has a natural talent for understanding what kind of staff you need.  She has helped us with several key, hard-to-find positions and filled them very successfully.  We will use Charlotte and her services for years to come!

Amy Herbert, Speech Therapist

I cannot thank Charlotte enough for all that she has done for me. Her extra time and support throughout the interviewing process  truly means a lot.  I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful facility and that would not have been possible without her.

Melissa Fagan

Charlotte was great throughout the entire process at keeping me informed.  Her greatest strength throughout this process in my opinion was communication.  I always knew what was going on and what was coming next.

She works very hard to make a good match for her clients.  I would use Charlotte again for my professional needs because she found a great match for me at my new company.  She helped me obtain a career that I love and will grow in over the years.  I am truly grateful to her for everything she has done.

From Clients